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Cryptocurrency related sites that offer unique content & tools

academicStudies & analysis from academic institutions
blockchain analysisTools & sites specializing in analyzing blockchains
block explorersTools & sites that allow viewing and searching blockchains
codingCoding, scripting, programming tools & sites
educationalBlockchain & cryptocurrency educational sites
exchangesSites that bring together cryptocurrency buyers and sellers
gamingGaming, wagering, prediction markets, or entertainment related
mempoolMempool explorers, analysis, tools
networkNetwork explorers, analysis, tools
newsNews, commentary, opinion, blogs, etc
price dataMarket, trading & price related technical data
second layerSecond layer solutions for scaling & other specialized applications
visualizationBlockchain & network visualization sites & tools
walletsSoftware & tools to store & organize private keys & transactions

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   - The site should offer unique content or tools that can be assigned to one of the listed topics.
   - Limited adds; no schemes, malware, or deceitful content allowed.