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25Sep2020_14:3291e9..aef1 Trump Sucks! DeFund T-rump!
25Sep2020_13:320a47..d665 https://i.imgur.com/sxVUv5M.png
25Sep2020_13:29e0fd..c51e Unobtanium. Rare since 2013. 13 EHS. https://unobtanium.uno/img/un-120-new.png
25Sep2020_13:200727..de95 DE-fund the Police. RE-FUND mental health services.
25Sep2020_13:1823b5..92c1 * VOTE OUT * TRUMP and his Big Fat Rump.
25Sep2020_13:14bd51..ef2c I love DOGECOIN!
24Sep2020_20:45806e..923f https://blockshibe.net/ Very softfork monitor: v4
22Sep2020_20:3018e7..c87d kek kek kekfroggie loves you all and give you all a big wet kiss!
22Sep2020_20:23e1e1..9549 in mijn poep!in mijn poep!
20Sep2020_20:47f168..2334 Mark Twain2/2 with great pleasure. -Mark Twain
20Sep2020_20:468960..3748 Mark Twain1/2 I've never wished a man dead,but I have read some obituaries
15Sep2020_12:1566f3..3239 76a914c621cbfd778e6109e26046d96738c7af75e7b78b88ac
15Sep2020_04:54cb9f..ac22 ❤❤ Indigo Mia ❤❤
09Sep2020_21:37bc80..4bc1 pipi kakapipi kaka in de broek! oei oei !
07Sep2020_17:41b3cd..bfa9 ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌
07Sep2020_17:12160c..f1fe checkm8 is a huge noob who is shorting doge. liquidate his butt
07Sep2020_00:28ff0d..090e Marxists have indoctrinated people into thinking being racist is anti-racism.
04Sep2020_03:35ad3f..ed47 wow. very readers
02Sep2020_15:174593..4403 Firearms sales in USA continue to break records.
02Sep2020_15:166ff6..54d1 Democrats finally notice riots after 100 days of unrest in Portland OR
02Sep2020_15:148589..69da Joe Biden: Rioting is not protesting--once it impacts my polls.
17Aug2020_23:54c57b..f6db Yackity Yackhttps://opreturn.net/
17Aug2020_23:40cb1a..d1a1 Local message (not saved to blockchain)Dogecoin OP_RETURN message (80 bytes max)
12Aug2020_21:204fcf..6572 pisangpisang pisang kontol memek! wkwkwkwk!
06Aug2020_18:15735a..3de9 Martin Luther King Quote 2/2 and conscientious stupidity. -Martin Luther King
06Aug2020_18:14b8bf..5198 Martin Luther King Quote1/2 Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance
03Aug2020_23:3163af..24b6 goldwill gold break 2000 dollar an ounce today?
30Jul2020_23:291df1..ccc9 pet me plz?http://www.plspetdoge.com/
30Jul2020_22:43ad22..a5e3 1.08False advertising I spotted some scope!
30Jul2020_17:408694..d602 HASH THISOK? https://opreturn.net/ https://youtu.be/fWchERnbWxI
29Jul2020_08:31c8f9..802e BadHackerMan12Hey other evil monero-miners, don't hack opreturn.net, he is 2 cool
27Jul2020_19:24c83b..5d82 hellohello
27Jul2020_19:17a6b9..4b22 hellohello
15Jul2020_16:074087..e947 wRIP twitter
08Jul2020_00:441ac2..21a4 froggiefroggie gives you all a big wett kiss!
29Jun2020_10:45e5ca..b2cd lmaowhat the heck is going on
28Jun2020_07:1179cb..b25d banaan...komaan! laat je gaan....en zing
26Jun2020_17:34e107..06c4 D9ajgi2WLiS6VyyL62cvCBevEd5fBrf1ua
25Jun2020_11:56613f..23d2 afterSt0rmHow to speak of love with those who only understands the language of the sword?
17Jun2020_14:55fb0b..6d6c mamamama ik hou van jou, Gerrit
10Jun2020_07:25b434..93f7 https://dogedecahedron.com/
08Jun2020_20:026b7d..2c03 Protesters un-ironically called for a dismantling of police forces
08Jun2020_20:00cec6..321a Firearms sales in the USA hit all time record high numbers
08Jun2020_20:003843..e884 continued into more peaceful protests
08Jun2020_19:59bbe5..0cf2 led to violence against people of all races
08Jun2020_19:588ef0..f1ef led to riots and looting
08Jun2020_19:579749..2b3b led to peaceful protests
08Jun2020_19:566e65..3000 violence to a minority
08Jun2020_19:51a37c..d597 This week in history...
07Jun2020_18:03189e..0702 life is good, Im doing wellHello Dogecoin Blockchain! How are you doing today?
03Jun2020_05:12dabe..894b hello fellow shibes
26May2020_10:1075f2..91f7 chooksHello Gorby J.K Watleuk
26May2020_10:10ab25..0e9a chooksHello Gorby J.K Watleuk
25May2020_02:59b38f..fe45 🐷 Nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program.
22May2020_00:3615ca..44a4 The trick is to get back down alive.
22May2020_00:344da6..b35a With enough determination, any bloody idiot can get up this hill
21May2020_11:00d0af..9bba 🐷 Believe Women
21May2020_10:59d337..326f 🐷 Believe all Women
19May2020_21:002f51..25a6 1984🥾 Stupidity was as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain.
19May2020_20:57371f..db81 1984🥾 Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else.
19May2020_20:556eba..9d4e 1984🥾 Ignorance is strength.
19May2020_20:55fa27..8178 1984🥾 Freedom is slavery.
19May2020_20:53bab6..22fb 1984🥾 War is peace.
19May2020_20:5184e1..89b9 1984🥾 imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.
19May2020_20:51a708..cb21 1984🥾 If you want a picture of the future,
19May2020_11:53b5e6..e9b1 Hello fellow dogeshibes
17May2020_20:290fa0..27bf 🐷 4/4 the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?
17May2020_20:2832b4..4b8c 🐷 3/4 your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make
17May2020_20:28b9a9..bc43 🐷 2/4 animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make
17May2020_20:275493..8e8e 🐷 1/4 No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all
17May2020_20:225ef2..8b6e Animal Farm part 1/2🐷 This work was strictly voluntary, but any animal who absented
17May2020_20:21db77..26bb Animal Farm part 2/2🐷 himself from it would have his rations reduced by half.
17May2020_12:10f37b..c37b 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐶⛏🐕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐕⛏🐶
17May2020_06:266428..b5e9 🐕 Dogecoin shibe
17May2020_06:25aa69..eb26 🐕 Dogecoin shibe
15May2020_21:28ac90..89d0 🐷 All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
15May2020_21:22db9f..c7c0 🐷 Several of them would have protested
15May2020_21:2217f9..e423 🐷 if they could have found the right arguments.
15May2020_21:09b37c..eef6 ⌐■⁻■ OBEY
15May2020_21:090ccf..35c7 ⌐■⁻■ OBEY
15May2020_21:08d199..116c ⌐■⁻■ SUBMIT
15May2020_21:07d0df..c6bd ⌐■⁻■ SURRENDER
15May2020_21:065da3..fdcf ⌐■⁻■ FOLLOW
15May2020_21:069c4d..e9d0 ⌐■⁻■ CONSUME
15May2020_21:05d64e..1ead ⌐■⁻■ BUY
15May2020_21:056f95..f206 ⌐■⁻■ CONFORM
15May2020_21:046028..357b ⌐■⁻■ WATCH TV
15May2020_21:040639..c236 ⌐■⁻■ STAY ASLEEP
15May2020_21:03667e..00ca ⌐■⁻■ NO THOUGHT
15May2020_21:03e576..fd63 ⌐■⁻■ NO IDEAS
15May2020_21:02d8d6..91ea ⌐■⁻■ NO IMAGINATION
15May2020_21:01ac9b..503e ⌐■⁻■ REWARD INDIFFERENCE
15May2020_21:005fc3..a482 ⌐■⁻■ DOUBT HUMANITY
15May2020_20:59f98b..47a9 ⌐■⁻■ HONOR APAHTY
15May2020_20:591a46..87c8 ⌐■⁻■ DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY
15May2020_20:598865..3cc1 ⌐■⁻■ DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY
15May2020_20:580bea..2872 ⌐■⁻■ THIS IS YOUR GOD
15May2020_09:29ee40..ba94 Dogedecahedronhttps://dogedecahedron.com/
14May2020_13:02a8e5..bc3e ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっBuy crypto and gold. The world govs are stealing your wealth
14May2020_13:01d93b..f41b ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ + $6 T it already silently pumped into the repo market.
14May2020_12:598c66..7d44 ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっThe US gov has printed $2.4 Trillion in covid-19 relief.
14May2020_11:53ab09..b07f ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11May2020_09:57ee71..22fd We'll see you again in 4 yearsHappy bitcoin halving day! Block 630,000 coming up soon
04May2020_14:193ec9..596a covid-19covid-19 is a hoax!
25Apr2020_12:014a95..15cf The Simpsons - Season 31 - Episode 13 - Frinkcoinhttps://images.app.goo.gl/GueDNhcRd1W2CbwP9
24Apr2020_19:4818cc..30c9 Yes, I've been drinkingCabernet Sauvignon is the best wine. Pinot Noir is a close second.
24Apr2020_19:357427..2d46 karmakarma is a bitch
16Apr2020_11:529549..51b5 yeetyeeet
14Apr2020_10:1360e4..c35f Taco Taco TacoHappy Taco Tuesday everyone!
13Apr2020_02:309606..2e43 thanksDSwzMNeLGkJZri6J8xV4DKSRP9nB19sFea
11Apr2020_01:459468..1914 Dreamin of Taco TuesdayTacos, enchiladas carnitas salsa guacamole cerveza Mexican food is SO good!
10Apr2020_16:3144b9..806f kek kek kekkek kek kek! It's my birthday today!
08Apr2020_02:201a4e..f4e9 freeross.org - Sign the petition - He spent enough time behind bars
21Mar2020_23:477349..0898 Prices might go up, down, or stay the sameCharts are looking like they found a bottom. Time to go boom!
21Mar2020_12:499ab9..476a kekkek kek kek!! froggie is alive!! and kekking!
10Mar2020_21:41fec3..1c0a Did not stick that landingSad froggie got squashed, needs a kiss...
10Mar2020_21:36e3ee..f6a4 (o)--(o)
10Mar2020_21:3682c1..366a /.______.\
10Mar2020_21:352f97..fa77 \________/
10Mar2020_21:3474de..0c0e ./ \.
10Mar2020_21:29453e..4b3c ( . , )
10Mar2020_21:272835..9799 \ \_\\//_/ /
10Mar2020_21:237d24..a676 ~~ ~~ ~~
01Mar2020_23:45adc3..f211 evy voetevy voet is een hoer, vraag maar aan haar rotvent...
29Feb2020_00:309e1c..7bfd Happy Leap Day February 29 2020!
27Feb2020_17:474fa5..0898 I enjoy the simple things.I like Tacos. I eat them on Tuesdays. Carne Asada, Carnitas, Fish Tacos...
27Feb2020_17:069cb8..841d a big wet kiss from froggieit is about time we hang those criminal bankers from the fed and ecb...
16Feb2020_10:53106c..c90e froggieshampoofroggieshampoo...oooh smells so nice...hmmm feels so good! kek!
14Feb2020_05:23b223..1444 11111111111222222222
27Jan2020_18:31218e..ec12 Wondering if something needs to be fixedWas duplicate ohai alert intentional or a bug in the dogewall code?
27Jan2020_17:1264a2..4eee lol<script>alert('ohai');</script>
27Jan2020_17:12fd19..30ba lol<script>alert('ohai');</script>
26Jan2020_15:12c479..2626 lollelelelelel
26Jan2020_00:15a5e5..aff0 in mijn poep!waar had u het laatst sex? in mijn poep!
25Jan2020_23:21f65f..34ca this is just a testthis is just a test, really no kidding
24Jan2020_19:028f60..790a piemelik hou van piemels!
24Jan2020_18:231f92..a1e4 vanachterinmeimaaktdelentemeblijvanachterinmeimaaktdelentemeblij
20Jan2020_14:1371dc..e525 mamamama dank je voor alles wat je voor me doet, je zoon gerrit
24Dec2019_16:51161b..ad23 NatoshiDont you feel like doge is going to the moon soon?!
12Dec2019_01:454b51..516e GiggityGiggity Giggity Giggity you know what I mean?
11Dec2019_19:07a811..e8bd DQNhh3qwMybqLhQZ48cqpPG5sPSvRWMgeu
03Dec2019_18:49999c..3fca Jmcd was here https://dime.cash/doge
17Nov2019_17:35174a..9821 dogecoinAlmost 3 million blocks all chained together!
15Oct2019_22:01d038..8f4e sex
07Oct2019_15:13a0ba..7062 Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti GraffitiGraffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti Graffiti
07Oct2019_13:4847df..2eb1 DQNhh3qwMybqLhQZ48cqpPG5sPSvRWMgeu
07Oct2019_13:40c15e..9ae5 DQNhh3qwMybqLhQZ48cqpPG5sPSvRWMgeu
06Oct2019_11:283047..58e2 remember EpsteinDont forget about Epstein!
05Oct2019_10:41b409..b0ac i love dartsI love darts!
23Sep2019_12:4976d3..81a9 afcbb6766
22Sep2019_19:34726d..ccbe b38b93f59056a72d7f5e1350f1e539f79966913cdae001f4b54443f1f1ce1b31
19Sep2019_19:3602b0..48ef c4a7a86aa71f5636c2830d6121617bb63ee5d2220457a1676043e9fe47c6b13e
18Sep2019_19:52c172..592d 45a0f9b8eff41c8aac79a38e50a86ea7afa11831b932e9124000159570074666
17Sep2019_22:116adf..54f9 HowdyHey Hey Hey! Life is good! I sure love dogecoin!
17Sep2019_19:270493..234b 652df89b2b184b110676af34f310c260af65842046261d53bce8031703b51fff
16Sep2019_19:37a96f..b07d 6bd43b72280fceb6dfbdf373b55d5df2ca5420a7411167918f06f48c6242c5bf
15Sep2019_19:092ab9..c3be 7eeeed7ad972be6127477ea8fa6bf2e7ede0a05c8561a7f6709dcb43219bed1d
13Sep2019_19:128f1c..c73c fff9d32d803c614f3261ba0fda8a4e17f1c624f75ea0cd2c2ab06a6878dee11a
11Sep2019_19:327dfc..5b37 5f9914de15837198fb1dceb4e1a6c424215f1c9db7e5bb04129c84eef96a73f0
11Sep2019_06:25b854..407a neuk me in mijn mondje, Leuven, BelgiumLeuven? ongeremde sex? bel me of sms 0496710411
11Sep2019_01:26103a..d1a2 zaad van een kameraadzaad van een kameraad kan geen kwaad
09Sep2019_19:02e55b..3aaf ca482c35775ec5281de4790505c16c87a4eea496dd2833b81dddee41f46f6f2f
08Sep2019_19:10330a..8ded 0fedec632254080b0a8b230473ee52b1e1ca056d2cbd23aa14f5dbbce5caa7cd
04Sep2019_18:49b9d0..1d8c 6facc75e7ec0ddef714907dc955937f06a7b2fbda8b070bec538762315e39b7b
02Sep2019_16:41705b..dc65 #clubcryptoFollow me Doge Party! https://twitter.com/c3ntrx
02Sep2019_16:3905e9..ce73 Doge Party in New Jersey 2019!http://teachbitcoin.org/dogepartay.html
28Aug2019_00:13cf8b..ebda WowGood morning shibes
18Aug2019_12:019eb1..b33b ECPAIS NAICOS AI Ethics Certification InitializationECPAIS NAICOS AI Ethics Certification Initialization
18Aug2019_07:21c8d7..b1b4 Let that sink inThis is free? we need to test.
14Aug2019_09:495376..704e 测试中文测试中文
10Aug2019_13:058d3f..36f9 such 3D. wow
10Aug2019_12:41ebfb..d014 http://www.plspetdoge.com/http://www.plspetdoge.com/
10Aug2019_02:28c47d..00d8 neuk meneuk me lekker in de kont! 0496/710411 (Leuven, Belgium)
08Aug2019_18:374797..ae35 www.phun.iowww.phun.io
06Aug2019_03:019a0c..9b5a dulja 15lv na Vehbidulja 15lv na Vehbi
06Aug2019_02:59e674..aee4 дължа 15 лв на Вехбидължа 15 лв на Вехби
06Aug2019_01:07b2d9..c4da Crypto APIsCrypto APIs
06Aug2019_00:208627..5209 DEUTSCHE BANK WILL GO BUST
05Aug2019_19:293630..b169 <img src=https://i.imgur.com/nCKmLCs.gif >
05Aug2019_18:22e0ac..55a7 https://i.imgur.com/nCKmLCs.gifhttps://i.imgur.com/nCKmLCs.gif
05Aug2019_02:038f40..e5ef helloLitecoin reward gets cut in half block 1,680,000
04Aug2019_16:5946e0..59bc teste
04Aug2019_16:32974c..8acf teste
03Aug2019_13:44a5cb..241a Hello from Brazil 2
03Aug2019_11:46ae08..9c75 Hello from Brazil
02Aug2019_14:4983fd..0c20 Dogecoin makes me smile!
28Jul2019_23:04be24..dee1 https://opreturn.nethttps://opreturn.net
14Jul2019_20:102a92..ae05 He's not Satoshi.Craig S. Wright is clearly a fraud and a con man.
05Jul2019_12:34f758..0071 Craig S. Wright is a fucking idiot.Craig S. Wright is a fucking idiot.
12Jun2019_11:413acc..aff6 A fair questionWhat's all this Bork nonsense?
21Apr2019_15:554259..46d3 Basilisk Non Cooperation Anti Help Confirmation - Brex.comBasilisk Non Cooperation Anti Help Confirmation - Brex.com
21Apr2019_15:109272..215d brex.com is a terrible funding company!brex.com is a terrible funding company!
20Apr2019_15:4600b5..ed00 420 yo!!!HAPPY DOGE 420! SMOKE UP IF YOU GOT IT! Block Chain 4 Life!
20Apr2019_15:36d5e3..3787 Test from androidTest 123
19Apr2019_23:478f20..af24 https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmXoypizjW3WknFiJnK LwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1mXWo6uco1234567890123456789012345678 QmXoypizjW3WknFiJnKLwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1mXWo6uco
19Apr2019_23:405ebe..5e4d WikipediaQmXoypizjW3WknFiJnKLwHCnL72vedxjQkDDP1mXWo6uco
19Apr2019_23:31fa47..8357 NanoCheeZe.comNanoCheeZe.com
26Mar2019_07:17b9b1..3a7a TDOP_a66c1ac8349e117a972937028a5c1e847cf30bf69dc7a43a13dc35aa0e29dbc7
26Mar2019_05:589295..ecb3 003720e41ab416e3df2690e3660589399c3c0f834f4b9b01def911f8cf5d9078
03Feb2019_01:259b2f..b6b7 Bitcoin Visuals Charts Resourceshttps://bitcoinvisuals.com/
03Nov2018_23:2775a5..c201 Great news!I just confirmed, 1 doge = 1 doge
03Nov2018_22:5215ec..3055 https://opreturn.net/I’ve moved on to other things. It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyo
28Oct2018_17:021110..4744 testdogecoin to the moon
28Oct2018_16:565a3c..c1ea holaprueba
21Oct2018_11:44949d..9d39 A decent block explorerhttps://bitcoinchain.com/
21Oct2018_08:14a483..0155 tajasofttajasoft
21Oct2018_08:14537c..961d tajasofttajasoft
26Aug2018_04:29f38a..efa0 local messageopreturn blockchain message
28Jul2018_16:09199a..5b3c opreturn.nethttps://fees.truelevel.io/#/btc Bitcoin congestion manager. Fee estimate
15Jul2018_02:31f959..4b1c statoshi.infohttps://statoshi.info/ Real time bitcoin node stats
13Jul2018_08:57479b..b27b nameFor a good example of another node/rpc explorer, see: https://btc.chaintools.io/
11Jul2018_09:57b2e7..c3a9 Mr. PicklesMr. Pickles agrees.
10Jul2018_22:05acb5..bc95 opreturn.netYes indeed. Free opreturn posts on the dogewall.
10Jul2018_16:4903e4..56e1 HelloDoes this thing work?
08Jul2018_18:2469b8..70d3 opreturn.nethello world!